Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dim Sum with Mum

One of the most traditionally enjoyed brunch/lunch meals in Hong Kong: Dim Sum. This weekend, we went to the Super Star Seafood Restaurant in Tai Koo Place, Hong Kong. 

Usually my first choice for dim sum would be to go to City Hall, but we are glad that this restaurant is in the vicinity of my home and offer's quite a wide selection of food --WITH AN ENGLISH MENU!!! :) 

We ordered:

Stuffed chili's with fish paste (spicy!)

Shanghai style string beans with mince pork

Steamed mince beef balls with chives

Char siu bau! (BBQ Pork Bun; My favorite)

Seafood and vegetable dumplings (shaped like a tiger)

And of course the commonly popular: Siu Mai

Time for the criticism: the service was good and the staff was super friendly, however they need to learn a bit more english, especially since the restaurant is located in a business complex such as Tai Koo Place

Three items that were ordered and not pictured: 

One Plain Congee -- Flavorless and way too watery. 

One Chicken Congee -- It looked like the plain congee, plus they decided to toss in the unwanted tiny wings of some hainan chicken. It looked like white watery grossness with bits of yellow skinned chicken. Blueah. 

Finally, steamed Shrimp Har Gao Dumplings. The skin to the dumplings could be a tad thinner, but other than that, these dumplings were okay. At least the seafood was fresh. 

All the other dishes were quite yummy and the quality was quite good. Would I go back? Yes, it's probably the best option near my house. But I would never order the congee, ever again. 

Overall -- this place get's three yums out of five. Total spent, approx HKD$270 for two people --- NOT BAD! :) 

Note to self: buy a better camera for next food blog.

Rating: yum yum yum 
Pricing: $$


  1. Yumm... I'm curious about the tiger-shaped dumplings...

  2. They were quite nice ! They also had deep fried meat dumplings shaped like an elephant ! My mum and I were too full, otherwise we would have tried those too! --- Next time la ! :)