Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Blog & Some Fun Prints

So, I have decided to start blogging. Oh and tweeting! I might have jumped on both trains a bit late, but I've had lots to share and say recently.

I was on the twitter feed today and came across people discussing a few designers that are currently in town. One that caught my eye: Mary Katrantzou.

I think working with a fashion designer in the past, has helped me to open my eyes towards unique prints, designs and colors -- Katrantzou's floral flair and bright statements made in her Spring/Summer 2012, ready to wear collection, has definitely caught my eye.

Take a look at what I mean:

Love it! 



  1. Love the prints!! Funky :)


  2. :) :) :) Thanks for leaving a comment ! Now if only I could afford her clothes! haha