Wednesday, November 30, 2011

REVIEW: Kindle Fire -- Thank you Amazon!

My best friend (and now boyfriend -- this is a whole new story) bought me the Amazon Kindle Fire... FOR NO REASON > side note: he is great! :) But back to the Kindle, I have now dubbed the Fire Blazing Amazing Reader as my new best friend. It not only allows me to surf using the Silk browser --> it not only uses a cloud system --> it not only has fun applications and programs --> it not only has a music player, so that I can listen to my jams while I'm reading --> IT ALSO CAME WITH A FREE MONTH OF AMAZON PRIME.

Why have I never heard of Amazon Prime before? A clear sell point -- Amazon Prime allows me to borrow a book at no cost, from the owner's lending library (1 per month), but it also allows unlimited streams of TV shows and movies. I think Amazon Prime has definitely made a new customer, because after my free month, I'm going to sign up for the US $79/year membership!

I was a true advocate of having to touch and feel a book, and I will never lose my love for them -- but the Kindle Fire is easy to carry, has a 7 inch screen, fits in my handbag, and is WAAAY easier to hold than my copy of Shantaram (my current read which I'm furiously trying to finish).

My first read on the Fire -- a total chic novel - Perfect on Paper. Light hearted, kind of funny. Will review soon!

Notes for the Kindle: This tablet is for the reader who loves to browse, listen to music and watch movies and tv shows. It connects to the PC as an external hard drives so it's easy to put your own content on there as well. I wish it had an inbuilt camera and mic function, but if it did -- Apple would have a lot to worry about. For an e-reader this definitely will be a fantastic gift for anyone! 

Further notes: Not all benefits of Amazon Prime and the Amazon Kindle App Store are available from Asia yet! For now, we can borrow books from the owner's lender library..

From now until March, before I make my move over to Toronto, the Kindle will accompany me at home while I save save save my money! :) Sigh -- I now know bliss. 

Happy Reading Everyone!

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