Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It all comes down to the Prunes...

So.. Prunes... Do you ever crave them? Are they your mid afternoon snack? To prune .. or not to Prune -- I answer this question. 

I was reading my monthly feed of Women's Health and came across an article about bone development and things that are good for women (yes, as I crawl towards 30, my anxieties about looking after -- what's on the inside -- has finally kicked in!) And then I read about Prunes...

What are prunes good for?
- It's an awesome source for Vitamin K (needed for the assistance of something or another that helps with the blood circulation and coagulation)
- Good for Vitamin's A & B (for the eyes and metabolism)
- As well as Calcium, potassium and various other nutrients that assist with digestion / constipation and bowel movements. 

Benefits of the Prune: 
Aside from being naturally sweetened by the beautiful beautiful sun (it's winter right now and I'm craving sunlight) Prunes have been known to slow down the process of aging for the brain and body. Contains high amounts of fibre and can be linked to weight loss, oh and doesn't taste too bad. About 3~5 prunes a day, keeps the ugliness away! 

So if you're still contemplating whether or not to get onto the bandwagon ... buck up, take a deep breath and don't be a prune !

Eating Suggestions: 
- Chopped and mixed into some plain greek yogurt 
- Chop and add to Granola 
- Prune Muffins taste great!
- With buttered toast for breakfast
- A savoury prune gravy for your roast chicken / turkey (I saw a recipe online that looked yum!)
- Prune & Oatmeal Cookies

But my favorite and easiest way to get my fix for prunes, has been to just eat them whole! 
Here's to Prunes!

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