Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rant & Review: Horrible Bosses

Well, it's coming towards the end of the year and I have decided to name my FAVORITE COMEDY FILM OF THE YEAR 2011: Horrible Bosses. Instead of a standard review, I have decided to list my top ten pet peeves. Note: this might be about current / past bosses of mine.

Dear Boss, 
if you read this. Do not fire me! 

TOP TEN: What is a horrible boss? Someone who...

  • makes snap decisions, without care or concern for consequences
  • does not appreciate the hard work of their workers
  • has no idea about what they are talking about 
  • makes unreasonable requests and gets upset 
  • stingy on the annual bonus 
  • underpays and then decides that working overtime is a requirement 
  • knows what you want from a job, then doesn't make it happen for you
  • doesn't help you to fulfill your career dreams / help you grow as a worker
  • is never around to support / guide you, even though guidance is not always needed
  • just doesn't care.
Review for the Movie: 

Loved it loved it loved it! I have never seen Jennifer Aniston step out of her 'girl-next-door' image before, and omigoodness SHE ROCKED IT. 

SPOILER ALERT: When the guys break into "Bobby's" house and spill his cocaine on the floor -- hilarious. 

This movie has some serious LOL-ability and I highly recommend watching it if you haven't. 

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