Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book Review: Perfect on Paper

Ok so I did it. I read a chick-flicky book -- AGAIN! I'm addicted. I can't help it. Their easy to read. Quick. Funny. You leave the book feeling good, fuzzy, warm and happy. There is nothing wrong with a good ol' chick-flicky book, OR a chic flick for that matter.

A Little Bit About The Book
The main character, Waverly Bryson, works in Sports PR. She is funny -- kind of cheesy. Says the word 'Frick' instead of F#%* and has men throwing themselves at her feet. She sidesteps being left at the alter and has a cute charming clumsiness that appears in front of the guy that she is meant to be with. The book ends up the way we expect it to end and I kind of wonder when this film will be made into a film starring Mila Kunis / Jennifer Aniston / or maybe even Blake Lively

Waverly Bryson ends up creating a successful greeting card series entitled 'Honey Notes' -- an ode to her dating and life situations gone wrong, funny and even sometimes -- right. Waverly is likable, relatable, and I might even read the follow up book by Maria Murnane, "It's a Waverly Life"

Even though the plot was predictable and didn't really leave us sitting on the edge of our seats -- the book serves it's purpose. Entertainment with a cute bubbly protagonist. There is a market for it and Maria Murnane delivers. 

Did I enjoy the book? Yes. I'm a sucker for Chick-Flicky Books. 

Happy Reading everyone! 

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