Monday, January 9, 2012

Confessions of a Beginner Gym Junkie..

Since last year (2011), my workouts building up towards the November Marathon and after the marathon have been consistent and effective. One dress size smaller and 5 kilos lighter, I decided to employ one of my good friends as my personal trainer (also one of the best Bootcamp Trainers in town) to amp up my work outs and push me to the next level. 
So far my favorite work outs from my training sessions have been the following:
  • Bicep and Tricep Curls using the TRX - 3 x sets of 10 ~15
  • Tricep workouts, use a bench to hold, and then do dips. Make sure all your weight is on the back of your arms, and not on your legs. 3 x sets of 15 dips.
  • Oblique work outs - In a standing up position, use a weight machines with a low handle and pull till you are standing up right with the handle in front of you -- this is your start position. Then  stretch in the opposite direction and bring back to the start position = 1 count. Quick counts, without releasing the tension too much on the weights, will result in a nice burn in your sides. I do 3 x sets of 10~15 on each side
  • Oblique work outs using a weight ball. I love doing side to side lunges while holding a weight ball, as well as moving the ball from left to right, whilst in a sitting position. 2 x sets of 15 on each side. 
  • Fat blasting intervals on the treadmill - After a 10~15 minute jog at a 7.5 speed or higher, do about 4 to 6 repetitions of sprints at a 9.0~9.5 speed level. Each repetition will be for a minute and 30 seconds. In between each sprint, drop your speed level to no more than to 7.5~8.0 for about a minute, and then pick it back up to 9.0~9.5 for a minute and 30 seconds. At the moment I can do about 4 ~ 5 repeats of this and I'm usually red in the face, praying to god that I get healthier; dripping sweat and loving life! Total distance from the beginning of this workout usually ends up being between 3 and 5 kilometers. 
  • One legged squats, 3 x sets of 20 -- each leg
  • 50 one legged stand ups, from a sitting position (this is hard!)
  • Core workouts using the ball. Elevate your legs on a bench, then rest your forearms on a pilates ball, then roll back and forth, using your core for control. 2 sets x 20~25. Increase set number once comfortable.
  • Crunches! Hold a weight ball in front of you while laying on the ground. Legs in an upright position. Then lift your shoulder and upper back, simultaneously pushing the ball into the ceiling to perform a crunch. Do quick crunches, without going completely back to the ground, about 3 x sets of 25, get a good burn going for me right now. But I plan on increasing the set number soon! :) 
  • Planks. Side Planks. One Handed Planks. Planks on a ball. All kinds of planking during a work out for up to 15~30 seconds on each hold is great for the stability, and you feel all the muscles just pull in and tighten. Do each plank set twice. Pick a time that you can do, and slowly build it up to beat your own time. 
  • Free weights - a definite favorite. Shoulder push ups, lateral lifts, bicep curls. Directly after a cardio session on the treadmill, I usually head straight for the free weights. 
Ok so I like a lot more things than I thought I did. Wow -- I really hope my personal trainer doesn't read this. He'll get a big head and make me do more. *sigh* Reminder to self: it's good for me, it's good for me.

Wish me luck -- 2 months till I move country, and I need to run my butt, thighs and stomach off! 

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