Sunday, January 1, 2012

Things to do...

First -- HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! :) Hope your new years was everything you wanted it to be! I spent my new years a tad sick in bed with gastritis, but I was lucky enough to be surrounded by my family and had my amazing boyfriend -- who made sure to give me all the attention I would want... feeling a bit spoilt at the moment :)

Things that are important to me in 2012:
  • Good Health & Happiness
  • Love & Trust
  • Family & Friendship
  • Good Food
  • New Experiences 
  • Travelling and Exploring
  • Learning New Things
Two and a half months before I make my move to Toronto.

My Pre-Toronto, things to do:
  • Get my US Visa (For my 1 Month Road Trip with the Boyfriend)
  • Eat all the dim sum i want in Hong Kong
  • Work out and get super healthy, ready for my hike @ Gatlinburg - Smokey Mountains
  • Pack all my things + things I would need / want from Hong Kong
  • Spend time with Family and friends 
  • Look for a cost effective / good locale place to live temporarily in Toronto
  • Save $$$!!!
Wish me luck!
Till then, dreaming of my new life in Toronto...

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