Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book Review: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I recently have been recommending all my single girlfriends to read "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man". 

I read Steve Harvey's self-help book early last year, not as a self help book, but because... well... one of the King's of Comedy wrote a book about dating and relationships... so why not?!

"If you’re dating, and you want to find out how to take it to another level, this book is for you. If you’re in a committed relationship, and you want to get the ring,  this book  is  for you. If you’re married and you want to regain control and strengthen your  bond, or if you’re tired of being played with, then I want you to  use this book as a tool—to take each of the principles, rules, and tips in this no-nonsense guide and use them to anticipate a man’s game plan, and to counter with an offense and defense."

Steve Harvey wanted to be "the guy". The guy to help sincere women looking for a real relationship. It started as a comic segment on The Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show, titled 'Ask Steve'. He then realized a common topic during the segment -- men! As a pretense that his daughters would, one day, read this book - Harvey dropped the comic twist and begun giving real advice to women who wrote him Strawberry Letters. Harvey then wrote the modern day 'playbook' for women, in 2009. He used personal experience, real life Strawberry Letters and example scenarios of women in different stages of their relationship. 

The book is refreshing because it is written from a guy's point of view -- don't worry -- just because he is one of the 'Kings of Comedy' -- doesn't mean the book is dismissive and full of jokes. Although light hearted in some areas, Harvey touches on some pretty sensitive topics, for example; the pandora's box of cheating.

I might not have started reading the book with the intention of getting advice from it, but by the time I was almost done reading it, I was hailing Harvey and his honesty.

Harvey categorizes women in terms of 'Sports Fish' and 'Keepers', which isn't a very nice read, if you end up finding out that you're a 'Sports fish'.

Harvey defines qualities that the right man should have. A series of 'P' key words; the right man will have the following qualities (and I agree with this) -- the right man will profess, provide, and protect. He will also be a potential partner in life. These are the guys that women should seek to date.

This book offers advice to women in long term relationships, and helps women to think of questions to ask their potential or current partners. These questions were very logical and to the point!

To wrap up what now seems like an essay about the awesomeness of this book -- I just wanted to add again for emphasis -- I loved this book. 

This book was easy to read, quick, only 200-something pages, gives insight to the inner workings of the male brain, helps women figure out if a man is simply just playing with them, or looking for a relationship with them -- Harvey, you did good!

PS. The book is being made into a major motion picture film -- I can't wait to watch it!!!  The movie seems like a 'part two' to the book, with a bunch of guys out to use the book against women -- and of course -- I'm hoping that the guys fail miserably, in true chick-flick style. (Watch trailer below; movie to be released in April 2012.) 

Enjoy! xx

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