Monday, February 20, 2012

First Looks: MY LUX BOX [Hong Kong]

What is this bright pink 'Lux' box you ask? Well -- let me show you...
Recently launched in October of 2011, allows women to try luxury beauty products, receive beauty trends and receive high-end cosmetics on a monthly basis. I received MyLuxBox about 3 weeks ago and have been using the samples provided.

The website is an interesting concept and allows women to have the benefits of a cosmetician and beautician "experts" without actually meeting anyone. I like how the website offers 'LUX Points' for the loyal customer. I also appreciate how the website essentially seeks to filter and assist consumers with the overwhelming number of brands and choices that are provided out there. 

Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I like the whole notion of going to a shopping mall. Walking through the wafts of perfume heavy air and into the beauty/make up section. I love impulse buying items I've seen in my ELLE or INSTYLE Magazine and then asking clerks for their opinion, after I have tried on the product. I'm more of a 'touch and feel' kind of beauty customer, where I would like to touch and feel the different products, so I'm not completely comfortable with online experts sending me products that they think is 'right' for me.

For people who don't really know a lot about what is out there and would like to sample a wider range of different products, I can see how this website would be of great assistance and convenience. I mean.. the makeup came to my door ! That was definitely worth giving it a try. :) 

For those of you wanting to find out more, here is the introduction video: 
This is what was in MyLuxBox: 

Ok Noodle lovers. Next post is going to be a restaurant review. Watch this space! :) 

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