Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PARIS FASHION WEEK 2012: Alexander McQueen Fall Collection

Two years after the death of style icon Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton holds the reigns to the creative success at this years 2012 Paris Fashion Week with the Fall / Winter Collection. Being hailed on every newspaper, blogger and fashionista, Burton truly shows the world that she understands, respects, and lives up to the McQueen air with every stitch. 

Happy celebrations Sarah Burton!! Love the collection :)


Spring 1998 - Memorable. McQueen made it rain on 
the runway. Every model was soaked to the skin and the 
shimmering white materials were illuminated with this 
daring and admirable feat.
Spring 1999 - Model Shalom Harlow was a human canvas for
McQueen during this iconic runway moment. She was placed 
ona rotating runway, while being spray painted. We all were 
left wishing to be tagged by McQueen 
Fall 2003 - McQueen had models walk inside a torrential 
wind tunnel. They could hardly walk. But who was looking 
at the models, when behind them, the silk and chiffon materials 
made a celebration of beautiful and breathtaking visions. 
Wish I was there...
Spring 2005 - McQueen was the owner of my heart, 
while he positioned models on a chessboard
runway and had them dramatically positioned, 
as if it were a game in progress. Lovely...
Spring 2010 - McQueen's final show, he had every 
model wear a 10-inch Armadillo shoes. Did practice 
make perfect? Because none of the models faltered 
and every single one of them looked
trรจs belle et avant-garde.
Disclaimer: These images are not mine and I do not claim to have ownership over them. The images are from, & and have not been used with intention for advertising or marketing. Enjoy the pictures :)

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  1. Very artistic...I like the wind tunnel idea, very creative!