Thursday, May 31, 2012

Noodles & Squiggles in Sunny Florida! (The Adventures, Part Two)

After an amazing start in Atlanta, we were excited for our next stop on our Spring Road Trip: Florida. Squiggles' Family is from Florida and getting the family together for a quick reunion before we headed to Key West was absolutely ideal.

We spent about a week in Tampa, enjoyed family meals and family time. A lot of the meals were homemade, but on one of the days we all decided to have a fun day out without his parents. :) So off we went to play mini golf. It was my first time -- I don't know how he is going to tell the story, but for the record: I purposely had to lose to squiggles (he offered a kiss for every putt before the ball went into the hole! Such a cheater lol) -- but that's what I get for being crazy about him.

We had lunch at Outback Steakhouse. I ordered the New York Strip Steak with asparagus and a baked potato -- and I received, a New York Strip Steak, with asparagus and a baked potato. Lol it was Outback Steakhouse! What did you want me to say? They do a good job, but their not the type of places I like to write about, mainly because I have been to quite a few in my time in Hong Kong and Korea.


Joes Crab Shack was a bit more note worthy for me. I have never been to a restaurant like this, where the diners were JUST as enthusiastic as the restaurant staff.

I love seafood. Grill it. Fry it. Boil it. Poach it. There are so many ways that I love to eat my seafood. Squiggles and his family love seafood just as much as I do, so it only seemed logical that we all went to Joe's Crab Shack.

With many locations around the United States, how has this absolutely pescatarially (don't know if this is an actual word) amazing restaurant not made it out to Asia ?! I would have been all over this !!

We ordered two different steam pots to share between four people and oh my goodness.. YUMZO! My favorite was the 'Ragin' Cajun' Steam Pot which had a medeley of various crab legs, corn, chorizo sausage and potatoes -- served in a large steam pot!

It was deeeeeeelissshhh! The seafood was perfectly cooked and left us wanting more mouthfuls of soft and perfectly cooked, flavorful crab. If you are heading out with the family and need some place fun and with good environment -- I would go here ! Check out their website to see if they have one of their many locations near you.

Something fun: every half hour, the wait staff and diners break out into an electric slide ! -- How could you NOT love this place?!


After a week in Tampa, Squiggles and I drove down to the Keys. We stayed on base, enjoyed the summer sun, kayaked, hired a jet ski and yes -- we enjoyed long walks by the beach.

After reading several popular reviews on Yelp, I decided one day after the beach, we would head to Garbo's Grill to check out what the buzz was all about. I can tell you now, we were NOT disappointed!

Our only mistake -- we came here too late! Around 3.30pm in the afternoon and the food was almost all gone! The friendly owners told us what was available and we sat down on the make-shift chairs next to the chickens, while waiting for our 'Yum Yum Shrimp Taco' and 'Mango Dog'.

I'm not normally a fan of mango with my food -- it has taken me a long time to accept mandarins and apples in my savoury salads -- so the incorporation of honey ripe mangoes into the food was a sweet and addictive surprise. The tacos were yummy! The shrimps were cooked seperately on a grill, then combined with mango, cheese and crisp cilantro, made almost like a quaesadilla. Served with their homemade mayo, these were hard to put down. The Mango Dog was equally pleasurable, the proof? There is no picture -- we gobbled it up before we could muster up the patience to take a picture of it.

We made it back here the next day (11.00a.m., we didn't want the food to finish) to try the fish taco, which had been raved about on Yelp, but I was a little underwhelmed. The fish taco just didn't compare to the mango dog and yum yum shrimp.

If you're holidaying in the Key's -- Add Garbo's to you itinerary as a no frills food truck, great for lunch. Don't forget: DON'T BE LATE! 

Yum Yum Shrimp
TIP: make sure you get here early before they run out of food!
Van / Art parked in front of Garbo's Grill Food Truck
More to do at the Keys:

Peppers of Key West
If you're into the spice -- this store is across the road from Garbo's Grill. Walk in and do a 'Hot Sauce Tasting' if you're overwhelmed by the choice of hot sauces made available here. Don't have much time? Pick up their house hot sauce made by the people behind Pepper's of Key West, these make a great souvenir and taste yummy too!

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