Friday, June 29, 2012

FOODIE REVIEW: Le Petite Dejeunèr

Brunch time again :) -- this time we had friends visiting from my hometown -- HONG KONG <3 and of course we had to brunch it up with some deelish food and affordable fare.

My friends were in town attending a wedding and good ol' word of mouth brought us to Le Petite Dejeunèr. Fresh, crisp ingredients with a failproof menu, there is something for everyone over here.

We ordered: a Brie and Green Apple Sandwich, Croque Monsieur, Breakfast Crèpe, Eggs Benedict, and a Belgian Waffle with Fresh Cream et Fresh Fruit. All the dishes were served with a green apple slaw salad (except for the waffles of course), they were decently portioned and very satisfying.

I was lucky enough to dine with generous eaters and was able to try a couple of the other dishes, but somehow my waffles disappeared before my eyes and ended up in my belly before anyone could eat it. So, true to my nature, there is no picture of the waffles, because I ate it at the speed of light and forgot to take a picture. The waffles were light, airy, a great balance of crunch and softness with each bite.  

My favorite was the Croque Monsieur, a ham and egg sandwich with cheese on top -- thrown under a broiler, was absolutely delicious. The green apple slaw salad was a delightful accompaniment, this is a side dish that I hadn't really tried before and I completely appreciated the flavor contrast with the croque monsieur.  

The Brie and Apple Sandwich was enjoyable and surprising. I'm not usually a fan of fruit with my cheese (even though the Europeans swear by it) however the brie was buttery and creamy and the crisp green apples added just that hint of sweetness and moisture, which went well with the toasted bread. I would have preferred a side salad that didn't incorporate green apples, but the restaurant seemed to have a green apple slaw theme that just got slapped onto every plate that I saw.

Friends, if you're in the market for a brunch spot -- this place is definitely a great place to go to. The wait staff was helpful, attentive and didn't really bother you to much. They leave you to your brunchly duties and make sure your coffee cups are full the entire time!

191 King Street East
Toronto, ON, M5A 1J5 
Brie & Green Apple Sandwich

Croque Monsieur

Eggs Benedict

Breakfast Crèpe


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