Thursday, August 9, 2012

BOOK & MOVIE REVIEW: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Ok. So it's been a while since I last posted a blog. I've been frantically job hunting and of course Mr. Man and I have done a bit of travelling. I got back from Washington D.C not too long ago -- but that's a whole new blog post. Today I decided to write about 'The Help' vs. 'The Help'. Book vs. Movie. And in true form -- I loved the book.

The book was thrilling, empathetic, touching. Anyone who didn't love the book has issues. Or simply -- has no heart. A white woman (I'm throwing all politically correct terms out the window in this blog post by the way) writing from the perspectives of not one -- but multiple black women. Hurrah to the author. Based in the 1960s Kathryn Stockett added Southern charm and sewed up multiple relationships in the most eloquent way.

Skeeter - one of the only women in her group of friends to actually complete her degree and not beck to the call of marriage and society structure in the south, returns from college to feel the maternal pressures of getting married -- peer pressures to finding a man -- and settling with the seperation from her long time Help Constantine and degradation of the Help around her spurred from a home sanitation movement started by her frenemy Hilly. Wow -- that was a mouthful. Well, there was definitely a lot happening in this book!

Aibileen is Skeeter's right hand woman through the journey of this book. She is a god fearing, regal, loyal, and loving woman who uses the loss of her son as fuel for the rage to help her enlist more black maids to write memoirs -- a project that is both dangerous and nerve wrecking with every page.

Minny, Aibileen’s best friend, is loud mouthed, sassy saying, most opinionated woman in Mississippi. Known for being one of the best cooks in town -- she uses her cooking and a disgustingly yucky secret to inevitably save the women involved with the book project.

How many ways I loved this book, I cannot begin to tell thee. (Hehe) But now -- the film.  Multiple awards, rave celebrity reviews -- I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! I may be committing blasphemy towards those who truly loved the movie -- but it took me a while to jump on this bandwagon to read the book and watch the movie, and I wonder -- Have they even read the book??? The film adaptation was short, cut, does not build half of the emotional background to most of what was built so beautifully in the book. I was disappointed and Mr. Man, whom I made watch the movie with me, well he faught himself to not fall asleep.

I loved the detailed stories of the other women help in the book, the relationship of Skeeter and Constantine, Hilly's eccentricities and actions to make Skeeter feel like an outcast, all of which -- I think was great story telling -- and of course -- all of which was ommited from the film.

My advice today -- if you loved the movie -- GO READ THE BOOK! It is a preach I have practiced for several movies and I have never been disappointed.

Here's the trailer:

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