Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I recently read BORN TO RUN by Christopher McDougall, while on a trip to Washington D.C with Mr. Man. Not my usual cup of tea, but Mr. Man was getting Lasik eye surgery and instead of spending $$$ on an Audiobook, we decided that I would read out loud to him.

I have a friend that read this book and then signed up for a 10k Marathon. Sure, it's no ultrarunning challenge, but this is a girl that NEVER ran. She continues to run and enjoys it.

If you have read my blog before, then you all know that I took a turn towards the art of running last year in November, when I decided to lose some weight and run a 10k charity run for UNICEF. Since then, I have basically remained at a steady running schedule of about 2-3 runs per week at about 2-3 miles, without stopping.

But then I have Mr. Man -- who can manage to run for 7 miles, without stopping, in under an hour and a half. How?!

This book poses to answer questions like, 'how do some people manage to run 100 miles, and I can barely squash out 2???' There are some pretty amazing stories of running battles, scientific research, myths, dietary reccomendations and of  course -- the Indian tribe -- The Tarahumara.
McDougall begins his search for the Tarahumara tribe, an almost 'superhuman' community of people, who seem to have cracked the code to running wild like gazzelles and chitahs with minimal effort. Once found, he then sets off on a journey to unravel a race of people that don't follow fad diets, fancy shoes and constant training schedules. 
If you are running a marathon soon, like running and want to do more of it, or thinking of changing your work out regime, read this book for some motivation. You won't regret it.
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