Friday, December 14, 2012

The Perfect BLT for Me

Oh geez, how did I do this again? It's been forever since I've posted again. I really need to stop putting off writing my blog. It seems like, adjusting to military life took longer than I thought. Adjusting to become a good wife to Mr. Man has actually come more natural to me than I thought. Mr. Man and I are happy, blessed and I love our life. I have never truly been so at peace in my heart and absolutely happy like this. But before, I ramble on like the gushing newly-wed bride (like I normally do) -- I have some great news. Mr. Man and I recently found out that we are going to be moving to .....

SOUTH KOREA! We first met in Pusan, and I lived a significant amount of my life in Korea, so going back to Korea almost feels like a homecoming. I'm happy and thank god for my blessings. 

Recently Mr. Man was gone for three weeks - him and his unit headed down towards Jersey, to help people and areas devastated by recent guest 'Superstorm Sandy'. As noble and proud I was of my husband, I was truly at odds with my feelings. We were enjoying a pleasant afternoon nap on a Saturday and the next minute, my husband heads into work, works all night, and leaves the next morning. I truly felt the arms of military life surround me.  Each day that passed, waiting at home, having other army wives take me out, reading, knitting (this skill I taught to myself), and spending time with my baby kitten 'Monki' -- really helped me to go through each day, but didn't help me miss him less. Gosh I love him. 

Anyways, heading back on track -- while he was gone, I needed some comfort food. So, I decided to created my perfect bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich. 


- Hellman's Light Mayo (I almost went with full fat, I'm glad I didn't, because Light mayo tastes exactly the same!)
- One Egg, fried sunny side up (because I love my yolks runnnnyyy)
- Two slices of Wholegrain Wholewheat Bread, toasted
- One juicy plump Tomato, thickly sliced
- Crisp baby romaine
- Pesto (I used a bottled Pesto of my choice, but those of you feeling saucy -- go ahead and make your own :) )

Now I know there is no particular rocket science like physics involved in putting together a sandwich, but for me -- the flavor counts -- and I like believing that the way that I put my sandwich together accounts for it's awesome flavor. :)

First, I toast my slices of bread and allow to cool. I start frying my egg until I feel like, "Hey, this egg looks like it's going to be perfect eggy goodness when I bite into it." I then wash, dry and pat down leaves of baby romaine lettuce and cut thick slices of some perfect plump tomatoes. 

Once all my prep work is done, I begin slow frying my bacon. Why you ask? Because, is there anything better than crispy warm bacon? I chose an applewood smoked bacon -- and the smell of the bacon completely intoxified my house in the most pleasant, heart warming ways. 
After the bacon is cooked, I make sure to pat my bacon dry (as blasphemous as it may sound) and begin assembling my yummy sandwich. 

First, I put a thin sliver of mayo on one of the slices of toast. Top it tomato slices, generous slices of warm crisp bacon, and then lettuce. I place my egg in between the bacon and lettuce. On the other slice of toast, I do something a little less traditional -- a tiny drizzle of pesto with the oil, and then close the sandwich up. 

My favorite moment -- when I squish the sandwich down with my hands, and the yolk of the egg runs down through the sandwich and onto the plate for me to dip the sandwich in. *droooool....*
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Write to you all soon!

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