Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another Day, Another Country.. and What About a Career..??

So I've finally settled into the swing of things in my new home, new country and new life. My fourth move in one year and 'by George, I think I finally have a hang of this!'

I love Korea. Where most people relate South Korea to the pop hit 'Gangnam Style' by PSY, I relate Korea with a few other memories. 

I went to High School here, I met my love and now husband here. I made some life long friendships here. I look forward to setting some foundations to my new budding family here. 

Recently, I had one of those heated 'discussions', which in true meaning meant crying and yelling fest with my mother -- somethings I just never seem to grow out of, and well the topic was not exactly my favorite. Career. 

As a young sapling, I was super ambitious. I wanted to by a Lawyer. A part time FBI agent, fighting crime, and I also wanted to discover a cure for some unknown cause for stupidity. Before that I always wanted the be a teacher. Before that I wanted to be a face, hair and hand model. And before that I think I wanted to be a superhero that could fly... Basically I was all over the place. 

Then life happened, I grew up, I went to college, worked full time while being a full time student (had bills to pay) and then of course -- after I got my degree, I didn't end up using it. I used my experience that I gained from my past jobs during college, to help me enter the work force. Oddly enough -- it was easy. 

I struggled to make ends meet at the beginning. Sales rep jobs, internships, you name it, I did it. And then -- I got promoted. Luckily, I was in my home town during this time, and I was able to live with my parentals. If I had additional pressures of paying rent -- then lets just say this story would have ended out differently. 

Moving up the ranks was easy and with it I gained a lot of useful experience and met a lot of interesting people. I was a Marketing Manager for over 4 years, and involved with Public Relations, Events Management and large corporate sales before that. But was I ever truly satisfied with life while doing all of that? If I had to be honest with myself, I was always unhappy with life and looking for happiness in the wrong places --- sounds like a bad country song I know. But that's the truth of it.

In the last year, in my quest for love, I got married, moved three countries, travelled, explored, learnt new hobbies, and I've never been happier in my life. Being a housewife for the last 6 months has allowed me to get to know me again. I do things that I never normally had time for before. I taught myself how to knit, which I had always wanted to do before. More importantly, I wake up next to a man that thoroughly makes me happy. I won't say that there wasn't an adjustment period, but that is the beauty of building your family from scratch. When I got married, I discovered an untapped resource for passion which had gone dormant many years ago. 

So to conclude, what is this blog about you ask? Well I gave this blog a new look (for those who are returning back to my site to check things out), I moved countries, and I have decided on what my theme is going to be from now on... What is wrong with just being a housewife? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! 

Stay tuned for restaurant reviews, my recipes, my craft projects, sights and scenes from my travels and of course, just a few day dreams. 

Now that you know a little bit about me, I hope you enjoy my Chronicles as a Housewife, and don't forget:


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