Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bookie Review: Hunger Games Trilogy and Trailer Teaser

Yet another band wagon I jumped on a little late, but worth it. For me, the beginning of the 'Hunger Games' meant that it was summer time for me, it other words it meant, I'm reading and re-reading like a maniac while on vacation! 

I had read the first and second book to this wonderful trilogy (can you tell my review is a little biased already?) a while back, but decided to not just read the third and get it over with, BUT instead I decided to go ahead and listen - relive - and let me imagination run wild as I listened, yes -- listened, to the entire trilogy on Audio Book.

'O Hunger Games, how many ways can I tell you that I adore you... let me list the ways' .. lol Ok I won't write out a list, but I can gush about how in love with Katniss Everdeen I am. Both onscreen (actress) and in the book. Other than the fact, of how kick as* she is, her innocent and tactful ways to play 'the game' truly inspired me to be -- forgive my lack for a better phrase at the moment -- a bit more kick as* in the things that I do. I might not live a Hunger Game, but sometimes -- things get hard! 

If you're looking for a summer read and like me, didn't jump on board 'i love the hunger games' train till just recently, well then -- get the audio books! They are quick, easy to go through and you will still be in time for the release of 'Catching Fire' (part two of the Hunger Games trilogy) to come out in theaters 22nd of November, 2013!!! 


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