Monday, July 29, 2013

Where to eat in Hong Kong?

Recently I took a trip back home to visit my parents. One of my favorite things to do when going to my hometown, other than spending time with family and friends, is to eat my favorite foods. Even though I was home for 12 days, it just wasn't enough time to get around to all the foods I grew up eating. Hong Kong, why do you have to have so much to offer?

I grew up mainly eating Indian food at home, and Chinese food, Thai food, Italian, Western, Malaysian, Korean, European, Mediterranean, Japanese, okay so basically every other cuisine outside of the home. In Hong Kong, families as well as singles eat out of the home more than 80% of the time due to busy schedules, and pop-food culture being very dominant in everyday business meetings, social circles and basically a part of everyday lifestyle. You can find anything from ‘fine dining’ restaurants, health food vegan bars, international Michelin rated restaurants, restaurants that have been made famous by withstanding the tests of time, as well as your tiny ‘hole-in-the-wall’ places in the city.

Now, when visiting Hong Kong, to find Hong Kong food, the rule of thumb is always ‘eat where the locals are eating’ and I have based most of my foodie adventures on that same rule. Below are just a few restaurants I managed to visit and snap a few pictures of:

Po Toi Island Seafood
One of my favorite restaurants for seafood in Hong Kong lies in Po Toi, an outlying island just off of the main island, accessible by car, train, taxi or ferry.

Po Toi offers three main restaurants that serve casual Hong Kong Style food, while sitting right by the water. My favorite dishes include: salt and pepper fried calamari, black bean baby clams, salty fish and chicken fried rice. Without a doubt, whenever I go for a seafood dinner with friends, those three dishes are a must along with any fresh steamed veggies that are in season.

City Hall Dim Sum 
Sadly, trolley service dim sum (hand made dumplings) in Hong Kong is a slow fading culture but thankfully inside the Town City Hall, Maxim’s Palace Restaurant has upheld the tradition and is surely one of the best in quality and experience for Dim Sum. My favorite dumplings: Siu Mai (pork, shrimp and shitake mushroom steamed dumplings), Har Gow (steamed shrimp dumplings), and Char Siu Bao (BBQ pork bread buns).

Tuk Tuk Thai 
Thai food in Hong Kong is delicious! It’s about as close to real Thai food you can get, with out going to Thailand - and I have been to Thailand many many times! (For now, my hunt for good Thai Food in Korea still continues, so please send me suggestions, I have been to two in Osan so far.) Tuk Tuk offers vegan selections as well as no fuss favorites such as; Pad Thai (rice noodles), mince chili basil chicken, and one of my favorites, tofu red curry.

A new brunch favorite amongst my friends circle is located in the ‘SoHo’ area of Hong Kong, offers delectable and modern eclectic food all day as well as drinks. The restaurant has an intimate outdoor terrace, “fine wine corner”, wood fired pizza oven, a wide choice of high quality unpretentious worldly cuisine but with a gourmet and high-class twist to it. My friend and I shared a ‘Peking Duck Pizza’, as well as an ‘Eggs Benedict Bruschetta’.

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong check out the following websites for your food reviews and plan for your own foodie adventures: (Select English as your Language)

Happy Travels  :)


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