Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twerking is NOT cool

So VMA's 2013 just happened. Where there are many things that went right and looked amazing, you know all I wanted to talk about here was the one thing that absolutely offended me. 

People, TWERKING IS NOT COOL! Miley did it, and it looked even less cool than it's already uncool gesture. I write this blog in hope that future young ones don't watch her and try to 'twerk it. 

I'm not that old and not that sheltered, so I feel I have to say the reason for this blog is simply that I don't understand the obscene crotch grabbing, the horrific tongue gestures, the dancing teddies and the terrible twerking. Here's the video in HD (not my 'property') for your convenient browsing and viewing pleasure -- if you can call it that -- and just pass the message for me...

'Twerking is NOT cool!


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